Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yappp! Gue punya temen namanya Zani atau lo bisa follow twitternya @adzanitienisa she is so kewl \m/ ahahaha agak setres juga.Gue selalu melakukan hal hal yang 'gila' sama diaaa terus juga gue kalo photobox sama dia gapernah yang namanya BAGUS pasti selalu ancur :/ apalagi guenya hm jangan ditanya deeeh.Liat yaaa but I love her so damn much lohh! she is my best friend ever

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Galawers!! \m/

yeah now I'm be the part of galawers because suddenly I remember about yaa you know,right? :-( It's not easy for forget someone who ever be the part of our life.I still really love him,Don't know why and I don't care about what they say.No matter what I'm still REALLY LOVING him!!Maybe now I'm being such a fool girl ;-( I've tried for moving on but It's feel so hard! >_< Oh God please tell it to him that I'm still loving him so much,hmm.... I mean TOO MUCH, I know maybe he has been forgotten me. But what about me? okay He dirives my self crazy. I'm just need one more chances to fix my all mistakes. Ya I know it's impossible to happened. I'm suck on him and I've got nothing to do. He's loves another girl that MORE MORE and MORE beautiful than me. I realize that I'm not belong for him.Sooo I'll be the part of galawers for a long time :')

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello bloggy!!!! MeMissu☺♥ Long time no post,right?I'm just too busy with all of my school's stuffs GAAAAAAAH!You know what? I WANT A LONG LONG LONG AND LOOOOONG HOLIDAY BUT ACTUALLY NOT HOLLISHIT :/ why the teacher didn't give us a long holiday?I think they need that too u,u right?oh yaaa,DECEMBER!!I can't be patient for December,because December mean HO-LI-DAY :-)