Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The new beginning of my life is, become the part of your life, Fik. It's been almost 6 months we've been together. Maybe 6 is only just a number, it doesn't mean a thing. But for me, could having you that long is something that I have to be proud of. It isn't just about how deep and how much we care each other, it's about making a new life, learn from each other, and try to keeping as hard as I can. There's so much things we've been through and it isn't makes me tired and give up on you because I know, you're deserve and worth it. I couldn't say anything much, you're more than such an amazing. you're completely completed me. Even though, you aren't always could be the one I always wanted, with you my life is so much better. I'm glad could be the one who have your heart, I'm glad that you keep me as hard as this. Could have you as mine is the greatest thing that ever happened into my life. You're the greatest gift. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME THIS WAY ;-)