Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hi...long time no post Hahaha. so you all knows the main reason why I choose for not blogging for a while,don't you? Yup,since I broke up with carrol everything completely changed. & you you've read the last post from me,right? it's about carrol haha. Ok, let's skip all the things about him. Ya, today April 12th 2012, I have been single for 2 months. Hmm I'm still single not because I still want him to come back BUT I'm afraid of calling something that I guess it's LOVE but it wasn't. I cherish every single moment of being single. you know that single a lot more fun? hell yeah, but I can't deny it, sometimes I need someone who will give his attention more to me. The best part of being single is, I can talk with so many boys without getting worry. Bitchy? hell-no! It's mean I appreciate for someone who make an effort to me for make me realize that THERE IS LOTS OF BOYS THAT BETTER THAN HIM. Thanks God you've given me a chance for find someone who is a lot than him:-) and now I realized, he is not worth for me to fighting for& he doesn't deserve my tears. I know I shouldn't wait for him but I am not regret about what I've done to him. It would change nothing if I regret it, because past can't be edited or rewind. We only could accept it all as lessons for not doing that in the future. For me, he is the EXample for the failure relationship so I wish I wouldn't be failed again...:)