Friday, February 22, 2013

Teenagers Nowadays

Teenagers? I bet you all know what is teenagers mean in Indonesian, "remaja". Most all the teenagers are so fucked up, messed up, free sex, do drugs, smoke weed, go to the club every saturday night then are they really care about their education? I am as a teenagers feel so sorry about knowing it all happens on the others teenagers. For me, education is the most important of all, wasting my time for those useless things doesn't make me a better person in the future so I decided for being focus on my school. They say I am old school or even out of the year, but for me, life is about learning, gaining knowledge, it suck for wasting the time by doing those things. Hi Bro, this is 2013! do you ever wonder how life goes? it getting harder everyday, don't you care about all the people around you? there's something that you have to know, when you are lazy for doing something right, like study, add effort, a million peoples out there is trying hard for reach their dreams. Because, there's nothing impossible if you want to make it true. There will always a way for everyone who have a will. God will never let his creature down. Doing right things, don't let the world make you down, don't let the people make you out of control, whatever happens don't ever give up for something that you really want to & want to be. I think, there's no point of spending half of our money to buy a cigarettes/beer/weed/drugs or even CONDOM?  does it makes you look amazingly cool? time getting faster, days go by, people changes, love is fading and there's nothing would ever help you unless yourself and God. 

Life is about learning, learning everything, like how to be patient, how to be strong, how to be getting back after all the peoples let you down, gaining knowledge, how to be independent, how to be tough on the the hardest situation, how to be grateful with everything they have, how to be GOOD IN EVERYTHING, IN EVERYWAY. BECAUSE GOD MAKE US WITH NO MISTAKE :)