Monday, January 7, 2013

Nothing Lasts Forever

yea, I broke up with my boyfriend a couple week ago. He cheated on me, so I decided to let him go. It's hard for accepting the truth that he is no longer mine, but life must go on no matter what. He betrayed me, I don't know what should I do when the first time I knew it. It's like I want to punch him as hard as I can, slap him as much as I want. But, I know it would doesn't change a thing. I used to loved him so much, but since he doesn't appreciate me, he means nothing. Seems like something that we have built really hard, being destroyed as easy as we blink the eyes. I tried to keep him as hard as I can no matter how many people try to destroy us, but at the end, he is the one who is successfully destroy it all. 7 months 13 days seems means nothing. I feel so broke, for me he used to be the only one, he cheer me up, he knew how to make me smile, he was my moodbooster, he was my everything. I've never been in this hurt, in this situation, in this dark, in this position. I wish I could keep him longer than this 7 months, I know that nothing lasts forever but at least I want be with him longer than this :'-( but I won't be. I never regret for loving him, even he is such a player. Thanks for everything Nurul Fikri, thanks for ever be the only reason why I smile :'-)