Sunday, July 31, 2011

start with G.

Here me the one who love you so much. I know maybe I ain't the best for you,all I can do is only hurting your heart:( but I swear by my God,I don't mean.....I'm reckless I can't be the one who you ever want. I can't be something that you afraid to lose the most. But this is me! :( At least,I've tried.Ganang,sorry for too much hurting sorry for the pain and sorry for everything. I love you and it will always be:'( Sunday,July 10th 2011 is the best day ever on that day I was officially yours and I hope it will lasts forever. But I don't force you to always loving me because I know that you won't. sorry for too much worrying it's all because I don't wanna lose you and I don't anyone else to take my place! I LOVE YOU.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Frustrated.........what the hell is going on?everything getting worse and I even can't handle it.Damn! I hate this. I will mention it one by one....

First, I love Ganang so much but I don't how to show it.
Second,I hate being me.
Third,why I have to be so fool.
Fourth,gwdadkasjdkjasdsadjiweiwj :""

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gɑnɑng Rɑdityɑ Prɑtɑmɑ♥

I'm gonna tell u about someone who I love the most at this moment. Yes,his name is Ganang Raditya Pratama. To be honest, he is such an unpredictable boy sometimes he make me so confused because all of his act but no matter what,I still love him. He is the boy who has enough behaviour to stole my heart. I love him for today,tomorrow and for-a long time. I can't say forever because nothing's lasts forever,since July 10th 2011 til for-a long time. Te amo!!♥♥♥♥♥