Sunday, June 5, 2011

HIIIIII BLOOOGY! Long time no post. I just wanna say that I've GRADUATED MY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL! hmmmm this is what we've waiting for....right 9graders? :p congrats for every single of you that have graduated and for any one of you who didn't graduated,this is not the end of everything you could try it for the secondddd time!Keep study. Well, I'm just one of the ppl who have graduated, and I've got 30,20. Not bad but isn't good enough but this is my best! This is the best I can give. Maybe, I'm not as smart as the other. But I'm proud to be my self.And luckily my mom and my dad don't give a fuck about that. My dad keep silent and just give me his smile and he said that he proud of me, it seems like I can't hold my tears and my tears finally fell off :') & my mom too. I just wanna say IDK2K11. Too much memories that I won't forget HEHEHE. Hi white-gray! I'm coming :P and now I'm the part of Sumbangsih Senior High School 2014.♥♥♥

And for my dearest friends, I'm gonna miss ya all!! I LOVE YOU DHARMA KARYA 2K11,till forever is end:') KISS HUG POKE! :*