Sunday, July 31, 2011

start with G.

Here me the one who love you so much. I know maybe I ain't the best for you,all I can do is only hurting your heart:( but I swear by my God,I don't mean.....I'm reckless I can't be the one who you ever want. I can't be something that you afraid to lose the most. But this is me! :( At least,I've tried.Ganang,sorry for too much hurting sorry for the pain and sorry for everything. I love you and it will always be:'( Sunday,July 10th 2011 is the best day ever on that day I was officially yours and I hope it will lasts forever. But I don't force you to always loving me because I know that you won't. sorry for too much worrying it's all because I don't wanna lose you and I don't anyone else to take my place! I LOVE YOU.