Friday, January 27, 2012

"Ayah" menurut kalian apasih ayah itu? Well, for me dad is the most wonderful thing that ever appears to this world after someone that we called 'mom' or we can call they both as a parents. Ya, they both who brought us to this world. Without them there is will no me. Feel so lucky that I could have a dad like him. Super strong, funny and wise. He is the one and he will never gonna be replace. He taught me so many things the way how to be patient while there is so many problems that we have to face, how to be a BETTER person. You know what? me and my dad aren't always have a good communication sometimes when he arrived after worked he eats and sleep or maybe watch a television for a while. But me? I'm busy with the school's stuffs that isn't cool at all. YAKKKKSSS!:& but I've promised to my dad, that I will prove him that one day I can be the one who can make he really proud of to have a daughter like me. He almost never gets angry with me even how big my mistakes. He is really good father or maybe the best of the best. I have so many similarities with him, first we both are such a stubborn person, have a high ambition and never sees and think that we want to get is impossible because I know nothing's impossible. Everything could happen if we want, if we try and pray as hard as we can. My dad always says that to me. So, no matter how big something that we want if we try and takes many efforts I think everything is reachable. I remember the quote "if there is a will, there is a way." ya, that's quote is totally right!!!! I'm so agree with that. And there's still so many similarities between us and the important one is, he is really good at mathematics and physics!!! how envy. while I'm not good at 2 kinds of subjects. I really hate them, really >:O he could be everything that I need. Sometimes he could be such a wise person hmm.....he has so many quotes for me :-p he could be a father that really knows what's her daughter want. He was born in Jakarta on August 1st 1969 B-) HE IS MY EVERYTHING, I LOVE YOU!♥