Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love comes with the unexpected person on the unexpected time :}

Well, I'd introduce the greatest boy I've ever had. His name is Fikri, his complete name is Nurul Fikri. Like the tittle's name "Love comes with the unexpected person on the unexpected time :}" that was happened to me&him. Yea, I was unconditionally fell in love with him, I was expect nothing and I didn't hope anything from him. But, everything was beyond my controls. he successfully made me turn on the light of my life after the darkness surround me. He lights my world up like nobody else. He is different from another boy that I've ever known. He loves me by his way and really good at make pissed me off and laugh at the same time. Really, I don't know why could be like this. From the first time I met him, I wondered "is this what called love at the first sight?" HAHA but yea, I expect nothing from him. I don't wanna get hurt at the ends, but he successfully me fall in love all over again and I don't have any strength for reject or even hold these feeling. Yes, I am in love with you. I love you with all of your flawless and imperfections. I thought you were all the same, but I was wrong. You came and brought a bunch of love for me. On Sunday, May 06th 2012 you asked "would you like to be my girlfriend?" and the answer was absolutely yes. Fik, I hope we could keep this as much as we could. I know, I deserve to get the best therefore I have to try. There's no doubt anymore. I love you for real:)