Friday, August 5, 2011

hello blog! tonight i feel so random. first, i think too much about him. 2nd,i'm tired being played like this. 3rd,he never want to tell me the truth that he already have a new crush. 4th, he is such a player. oh gawdd....i don't know what shudd i do. so much things like......ugh i should never care about this. make me feel so dumb,hoping€€ and caring someone who never care about me. ignore someone who care about me and it's like i'm the stupidest girl in da world. to be honest,i love him and still love him. i just hope that feeling could be fade as long as the time goes by. dear heartbreaker, why you always on ma mind? tho' i ain't on ur mind at all. boy, karma does exist. you hurting,you gonna be hurted. you cheating,you gonna being cheated. that's life! love kiss hug slap from me hhhh. bye jerk ;*