Monday, December 26, 2011

First, I think I have been fooled by you.
Second, I have been fell too hard.
Third, I feel so dumb.
Fourth, I feel so deeply in love with you.
Fifth, you are not mine at all.


It's kinda wasting my time for spend my whole time just for thinking of you. I knew that but why I keep doing on the same shits everyday? It's kinda tired me of. I'm sick of being like this. Tired of being sick and I'm sick with all the bullshits that you have made. I know crying will never solve these pain at all. I'm fragile inside. I just wanna scream as loud as I can. So, maybe I could feel much better. Why life have to be much harder when I grew up? Life used to be easy. But now? Yea,everything is getting harder. Actually,when I knew you. My life changed 18 degrees! I'm messed up& don't know which way that I have to choose. But, now everything's better from that shits I could learn so many things. I am the new me.