Thursday, December 15, 2011

For now being weak and stupid isn't the right choice for face the fuckin' two faced peoples out there. The strong one is the one who will win the game. Don't be such a stupid donkey. Life is extremely hard for now or even getting harder,I may think that I'm happy but you are totally wrong. HA! because I'm more than happy,this fuckin' life have taught me how to fuck the life so I can be the winner. Being weak? oh.....It's not an options. Maybe life used to be easy but I don't live there anymore. This sickness this pain are the only reason why I have to be strong. Even though everything mess up now it's doesn't mean that I can fix it all. I was born for be the strong person actually I AND YOU ALL. Yea,God won't give us something that we can not handle. Though this patience has a limit I will never give up, when the problem is getting more and more I tried to stand back from adversity. SO FUCK THE WORLD AND LET'S GET HIGH!!!