Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bina Antarbudaya :-}

Well, last sunday I had schoolarship's test at University Of Indonesia, Depok. There was more than 900 participants from Jakarta.  Feels like I'm only the 0,5% on it HAHAHA. I want to fly like a g6 LOL JK. Ok, I'm nervous, like seriously. I just want to go home as soon as possible. The test was held at 08.15am-03.30pm. There was 100 kind of question(s) for the General Knowledge. But, shit.... Unfortunately the question(s) successfully made pissed me off. WHICH THE HELL I SHOULD ANSWER FIRST? I can't think anything.  That question was......asdfghjkl I can't say anything and suddenly  I think, "Am I the only one who couldn't do this shit?" hahahaha but I swear by my God, I'm not lying. Feels like I'm the weirdest person in the class. After General Knowledge we had a break then TARAAAAA~ English's Test was waiting me. Praise the Lord, the question(s) isn't as bas as before. I can do that test with a  big smile on my face ;-D there was 50 question(s) for English and I hate that I have to read the question as same as I read the newspaper. It take less than a hour for answering that questions. At 12.30pm we had the second break.  O ya, I was with Irvin, Anindita and Siva. We had lunch together but before it we had to queuing because there was so many students there and I'm not the only one who need to eat :] I was ate Nasi Uduk haha. Indonesian Test was waiting me on 01.37 yaaap! it was time for writing session hahaha. We had to wrote down such as like a story but the themes has been determined by the committee and I ain't wrong I was choose " Tiga Langkah Untuk Menjadi Seorang Pemimpin" 1 hour 30 minutes has  passed and it's time for back to home :] but wait, we had a lot of fun there we could knows more friends from another school,obviously... that was 03.30 pm and my dad was pick me at there. That day was amazingly beautiful, I can't  explain it it was full of randomness. By the way, my friend, Irvin was always with me. Thanks sweetie<3 we are the next Volunteer! United States Of America, German, Australia. I'm ready for you B-) seen you soon :-}