Saturday, September 15, 2012


HAPPY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY TO ME. OHYEAH, I'm turn 16th 5 days ago. I was born in Jakarta on September 11th 1996, I'm no longer such a innocent girl, I've grown up. There's nothing I could say, this year my birthday was so much different, this year i was celebrated it with my boy. YEAA!!! this year i have a boyfriend =)) ok it's kinda ridiculous i think ;-p but well, thank you for all of you those remember my birthday, thank you for all of the greetings, I'm nothing without you guys. Especially, thank you for the most precious boy i have, Nurul Fikri. Thank you for coming to my home in the middle of the night for give me a surprise, i love you more than any words i can say. I feel so blessed, hope everything could be lots better in this age, be mature, be wise and be better :)