Tuesday, September 4, 2012

there's no regret button later.

Life has taught us so much thing. Basically, life is something that we can't choose is all about destiny. We can't choose who we want to be our parents, where we want to live. That's all about destiny, there some people who might be not rich or something, but they have a happily life and there's an opposite life, they have lots of money but they aren't that happy.

Jessie J was right, money can't buy happiness. Happiness would come for those who always be grateful for what they already have. God loves all of his creature and won't let us down. He always gives us the best, if he doesn't give what you want, believe that he will gives us what we need,indeed. If he doesn't makes your dream come true, believe that he has another plans that so much better. We have to know what we need and what we want, as a teenager I sometimes spend all of my money for the unimportant things because of "hungry eyes" as i always called. we actually don't really need that thingy, but teenager's world isn't that friendly. But there's a time that we would realize we shouldn't do that. Do you ever think about ;
1. we buy lots of clothes, and out there need a bite of food?
2. we sleep with a blanket on a comfortable bed with air conditioner, out there sleep with the cold?
3. we have an enough education but we lazy to go to school , but out there have to work for their family for a plate of rice?

don't ever hate your life, do what you want, do the good one and leave the bad one because something bad won't make you be a good person then. Always be grateful, there's so much people who try to survive their life. don't destroy your life that God has given for unimportant things. :)